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Incauca Zero Calorías

Incauca Zero Calorías

Incauca Zero Calories is a sweetener, as its name implies, with no calories and deliciously natural that you can enjoy at any time of the day. The purity of its ingredients makes it the best ally so that your healthy lifestyle does not have the need to use artificial products, giving sweet to your life in a perfect manner.


  • Zero calories.
  • Suitable for diabetics.
  • Prevents caries.
  • Ideal to manage your weight when it is part of a low calorie diet.
  • Endorsed by the Colombian Diabetes Association.


  • incauca-zero_gotero
  • incauca-zero_display-gotero
  • incauca-zero_display-40-sobres
  • incauca-zero_display-80-sobres
  • incauca-zero_display-160-sobres
  • incauca-zero_display-350-sobres
  • incauca-zero_doypack-225g
  • incauca-zero_doypack-454g
  • incauca-zero_dulcera-300g
  • incauca-zero_display-pastillero
  • incauca-zero_ristra


Product Presentation
Incauca Zero Calorías Display 40 envelopes – 80 g
Display 80 envelopes – 160 g
Display 160 envelopes – 320 g
Doypack 225 g
Doypack 454 g
350 envelope micro-corrugated box – 700 g
Dulcera 300 g
Dropper  30 ml