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Cane Suppliers

We are an interdisciplinary team, we work with innovation and inventiveness in the service and benefit of our sugar Cane Suppliers, providing them solutions to make their business more productive and profitable.



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The main objective of the Cane Supply of Incauca S.A.S. is to carry out the procurement negotiotions of new land and contract renewals, ensuring that the protocols of the Company to these negotiations are met, achieving a win-win result for the parties.


We provide our sugarcane suppliers, with the support of the different areas of the Company as Field, Harvest, Plant and Supply of cane, timely attention to their requests and the solution to all their crop needs with advanced technology and the best service.


In the area of cane suppy, we offer administrative, accounting and technical assistance services.

Administrative and Accounting Services

Involvement of lands, renewal of contracts, liquidations of cane, loans management, financial and tax information and legal advice.

Technical Assistance Services

  • Land Survey: Services of topography, altimetry planes and level curves, leveling check.


  • Field design: Design of irrigation infrastructure, drainage, roads and length and direction of the furrows.


  • Labors of lands adaptation and preparation: Budget, implementation, monitoring of quality of preparation and land leveling labors.


  • Recommendation of the variety to be sowed: Recommendation of the most appropriate variety according to the climate and soil type.


  • Sampling for chemical analysis of soil.


  • Planting labors: Services of labors of cutting, raising, transportation and planting of sugar cane.


  • Fertilization recommendations and soil amendments


  • Advice and support in lifting labors of the sugar cane cultivation.


  • Support for renovation projects: Advice on decision making, financial, logistical and technical support.


  • Funding on inputs and payments to services and inputs suppliers in the cultivation labors.


  • Advise and implementation of water balance and administrative control of the irrigation, in more than 5,000 hectares of sugar-cane suppliers in the plant, improving thier production and efficiveness in the use of water resources.


  • Borers assessments of the sugar cane and release of beneficial insects: Our Department of Entomology is a leader in the sector in handling biological control in sugarcane cultivation with a comprehensive program for pest management.


  • Trainings and updates for the Suppliers through the Technology Transfer Groups (TTG) and the Technical Assistance Program (TAP) in order to provide training and disseminate technological innovations developed by Incauca, Cenicaña and the sugar cane growers.


  • Education program: We develop a program for the academic training of the cane suppliers stewards , leading them to the Agricultural Technical level, with the support of the Sena.


  • Transport and application of organic fertilizers (compost and vinasse): We carry out a transformation process of biodegradable organic waste generated during the manufacture of sugar, alcohol and energy, generating organic fertilizers that help the soil improvement and conditioning in permitted areas, with controlled applications of compost and vinasse.


  • Generation of productivity maps and precision agriculture: Precision agriculture is the future of the field, therefore, we share our technology and advances to cane suppliers in-situ, helping to maximize the productivity of their crop.


  • Quality control of field works: Evaluation of germination, state of crop development, calibration of equipment, among others.


  • Advice on civil works: advisory on protection works along rivers banks, bridges, culverts, etc. Recommendations, budgets and execution through the contractors of the Company.


  • Harvest: We have direct staff, highly qualified and own technology machinery to carry out manual or mechanical cutting cane, lift and transport, with quality controls that make us now one of the best harvests of the sugar industry.


We maximize the productivity and profitability of the crop with controlled applications of maturers products that permit to obtain the highest concentration of sucrose.

Support lines- Customer Service


Cane Supply Incauca S.A.S.

Phone: (57) (2) 418 3059


Land contracting, management and services for the Supplier:

Phone: (57) (2) 4183000 Ext .: 23781- 23782 – 23783


Technical Assistants for Cane Suppliers:

Phone: 418 3000 Ext.: 23784 – 23785 – 23786 – 23787 – 23788