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Incamix 4

Incamix 4

It is a granulated product obtained from the homogeneous and irreversible mixture of sweetener (sucrose) and acidulant (citric acid) color, characteristic flavor and aroma, which provides a sweetening-acidulant flavor. This product is marketed as an industrial input.



  • Incamix-4



Presentation and Quality


The mixtures are packed in paper bags (secondary packaging) with inner polyethylene linner (primary packaging) to ensure stability over time.




  • The product should be stored in facilities that prevent exposure to extreme environmental conditions of heat and humidity that may shorten its life, these facilities must be kept clean and in good hygienic conditions.
  • Product storage should be done neatly in piles or stacks (maximum of 8 lines) with a minimum distance of 60 cm from the perimeter walls and arranged on raised platforms at least 15 cm on the floor so that inspection and cleaning are permitted.
  • The product should be stored separately from pesticides, detergents, disinfectants and other harmful substances which must be properly identified and under the responsibility of qualified personnel in their use.


Presentation: according to customer needs.