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Azúcar Incauca Blanco Especial

Azúcar Incauca Blanco Especial

Incauca White sugar is crystallized sucrose which is extracted from sugarcane through industrial processes.  This product can be consumed directly or as raw material for the manufacture of other products.



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This product should be stored in a dry, cool site and without direct contact with moisture.


*This product is available for export



Physicochemical properties



Characteristic Specification
Polarization 99.60 °S Mín.
Moisture 0.050% Máx. (ICUMSA) 0.070% Máx.
Color at 420 nm 180 Máx.
Turbidity at 420 nm 180 Máx.
Ashes 0.095% Máx.



Microbiological properties


Characteristic Specification
Total coliforms 80 UFC/10g
Fecal coliforms <10 UFC/10g
Aerobic mesophilic <200 UFC /g
Molds and yeasts <100 UFC/g



Presentation: Bags of  50 Kg and 1000 Kg-Big Bag.