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Incauca Soccer School

The community of northern Cauca and southern Valle del Cauca departments has been for many years, cornered by acts of violence that are framed by a high consumption of drugs and alcohol.

Escuela de Fútbol

Given this social problem and addressing the multiple requests of the leaders of neighboring communities, in 2004 Incauca decided to start one of its greatest works in community investment: The Incauca Soccer School.

It was decided to start with a headquarters located in the facilities of its sugar plant, with a first admission of 300 children and youths, all from neighboring communities.

In 2006 and thanks to the impact, it was necessary to open seven more branches in the communities of Villapaz (Jamundí), Tiple (Candelaria), Llano de Taula (Guachene), Tarragona and Chococito (Florida), Ortigal (Miranda), Puerto Tejada, Cali (children with different abilities) and Corinto, in 2014 we opened the headquarters of El Cerrito and Santa Elena.

The administrative and sports structure of the Mill and the great talent of athletes, gave it the chance of being accepted by Deportivo Atlético Nacional, as a subsidiary of its School.  Thus it was, that on July 7, 2007, the launching of the Soccer School, INCAUCA – NATIONAL ATHLETIC was performed.

Currently, the School has 1,200 children and several young boys have been shortlisted to present tests in the smaller divisions of the club during this process, leaving good impression for their excellent technical conditions. At the time, children who started in the Incauca SoccerSchool are playing in the Colombian professional soccer.

In 2011, coverage was expanded and the opportunity was given to 88 children with cognitive disabilities. This is the only soccer schools in the world for children with special educational needs, which is sponsored by a professional soccer team. The headquartersare in Cali.

Because of the strength of this program, Incauca in collaboration with Atletico Nacional decided to create the Club Deportivo Verdolagas Valle del Cauca, which basically seeks to continue the social and sporting process that is developed in soccer schools. Since 2015, a new phase was created that provides the opportunity for the most talented young to complement their sports training and that is focused on high performance, opening the doors for these children and youth of teams of both Colombian and international professional soccer.

The Club Deportivo Verdolaga Valle del Cauca, is based in Cali and is directed in its sporting part by former professional players Hector Hurtado and Leonardo Fabio Moreno, of great soccer career, who have formed a sports processes with two teams and 40 youth.

Corinto Skate Parent School

Through the School for Parents of children who make up the Corinto Skate Skating Club, Incauca has created a space for participation and reflection on the educational practices used at home, through workshops which stage the way in which parents communicate with their children and how it can affect the performance of the skaters.

“This experiential methodology has helped them understand that dialogue is the basis for solving all the problems they encounter in their daily lives as parents,” says Alexandra Giraldo Ortega, a mother of the School.

Corinto Skate Skating Club

Incauca continues to support the Corinto Skate skating Club, through the provision of uniforms, technical support and the adequacy of the land where children perform physical strengthening exercises.

In total 100 children are part of the Club, of which 15 are enrolled in the Valle del Cauca Skating League, space where they have the opportunity to train to achieve a higher level of competition in this sport.

Unidos sobre Ruedas – Padilla (Together on wheels – Padilla) Skating club

The “Unidos sobre ruedas” Skating Club, made up of 50 young people from Padilla, received the provision of uniforms and sports equipment so that the group can continue to enjoy this sport.

Club de patinaje unidos sobre ruedas

The participation of youth has become a development alternative for their lives and with the support of parents, sport is a way to strengthen family unity.

“Mi proyecto de vida (My life project)” – Puerto Tejada Soccer School

Strengthening the construction of a project of life in young athletes, it is part of the training strategy that Incauca has been working for several years at different locations of the Soccer School.

Mi proyecto de vida. Escuela de fútbol Puerto Tejada

Through experiential and educational workshops, the problem of drug misuse has been addressed holistically to generate in participants, skills that avoid the risks associated with consumption, strengthening the proper use of leisure time and healthy lifestyle habits.