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Prevention of Psycho Active Substances and Alcohol Consumption

  • grupo_danza_almas_pandillences

    Dance group Almas Pandillences

  • Integrantes_Orquesta_Infantil_Funforpaz

    Members of the Children Orchestra Funforpaz

  • conservacion_musical_ritmos_pacifico

    Musical conservation of Pacific rhythms

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    Members of the program Pintando También se Aleja del Consumo

Transforming Education (Mainstreaming Program)

Teachers, parents and students, with one goal: “The future of young people”.

Transversalización en las sedes de las escuelas de fútbol (Los Robles)

Preventing drug use is another focus of attention of Incauca, which has the support of Fundar Colombia, entity specializing in addressing this issue nationally. To address this situation, it develops an integrated transversal approach to the prevention of risk behavior of children and adolescents, which from the educational institution irradiate the community environment where the individual is recognized in different contexts of action.

After a diagnosis made with the children of the soccer schools and the parents of these athletes, we identified the importance of programs including handling appropriate parenting for parents of children and adolescents participating in the soccer school and thus finding alternatives for leisure time, preventing risk behaviors in their children, handling of rules and limits, as strategies to strengthen communication spaces in their families.

From this diagnosis, in 2010 was created EQUIPO FAMILIA (TEAM FAMILY), which seeks to respond to this need, stimulating in adults the development of skills for self-regulation, self-control and self-care in families, where it was observed that parents recognize difficulties in exercising their parental role and gaps in values, they are also interested in changing limiting beliefs and myths about sexuality.

The program is also designed to give parents strategies to prevent child abuse, substance use and unsafe sex. Parents participating in the process learned to develop consistent models of authority and efficient communication schemes.

Later, educational institutions where children of the Soccer School are enrolled were included in the training process.  To carry out this transformation, it was necessary to involve teachers and ensure that, across the classroom, teachers, students and families can prevent substance use and other behaviors that endanger the future of communities

The challenge for educational institutions is to “Articulate this work to the Institutional Education Project (PEI for its acronym in Spanish) for it to serve in turn as a model in the area of a significant experience of change, which encourages the attention of the entire educational community.

This same work was developed at the Colegio Sagrado Corazón de Jesus ( Sacred Heart of Jesus School) with 1,378 students, located in Puerto Tejada.

In 2015 over one thousand people, including field, administrative workers, Incauca School students in elementary grades 2-5 and participants of the Soccer School, learned by playing “I Am”. The game is designed to modify and improve the comprehensive education and the quality of life of individuals, promoting individual self control and collective resistance to the supply of psychoactive substances, the presence of sexual harassment and bullying.

Painting also takes you away from consumption – El Ortigal

Supporting the development of artistic abilities in children in the area of influence, is one of the strategies that has allowed children to fill properly their free time, for which, this year, Incauca delivered materials to the 75 children participating in the complementary day of the Ortigal Technical Institute.

Pintando también se aleja del consumo

Every evening the painting class has become an adventure of learning for children and teachers, who say that through art, some personality traits are stimulated in children by stimulating their creativity and imagination that allows them to meet goals and become more aware of their environment and their culture.

We support the preservation of the musical rhythms of the Pacific – Chococito

With the full outfitting of instruments of the Pacific, the Educational institution Atanasio Girardot of Chococito and its five offices, Remolino, Tarragona, Canas Abajo and La Acequia, completed the necessary equipment to enable children to dedicate a space to practice the folklore of the area through the practice of music as art.

Apoyamos la conservación musical de los ritmos del pacífico

Last year Incauca had donated the costumes for the groups made up of children of primary and high school.

Dance and music away from the misuse of leisure time – Padilla

A group of 100 young people make up the dance group Almas Padillences (Souls from Padilla) dancing for life, which for 6 years has been engaged in the practice of this art and achieving leading positions at a National level with their performances, they received from Incauca the costumes and instruments to continue occupying adequately leisure time and triumphing in the different scenarios where they have made presentations.

El baile y la musica alejan del mal uso del tiempo libre

Some of their participations at the National level are: National Festival of African dance in Barranquilla, Dance Festival in Suaza Huila, Carnivals of blacks and whites in Patia Cauca, National Festival of colonies in Villa Nueva Casanare, Feria de Cali, Petronio Alvarez Festival, Concurso de fugas in Santander de Quilichao, Festival of flowers and coffee in Piendamo Cauca, National Festival of colonies San Martin Meta, Afro-Colombian Week Bogota, among other local and regional events.

Children Orchestra – Puerto Tejada

80 children residents of the eastern sector and beneficiaries of the work undertaken by the Forgers of Peace Foundation, Funforpaz, Puerto Tejada, received 30 instruments with their accessories and 10 lecterns for scores whose investment exceeded twenty million pesos.

Entrega de instrumentos Funforpaz

This provision will allow to empower the talent of children, as well as to provide a space for children to stay away from the risks of violence generated in this sector of the Municipality.