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Azúcar Incauca Extrafina

Incauca Superfine Sugar comes from natural sugar stored in the stalks of sugarcane which is separated from the rest of the plant material and recovered as crystals of pure sugar with characteristics of color, flavor and texture that make it unique and special. Its high degree of purity is achieved by having advanced technologies that qualify our process as the most modern on the continent.


Incauca Superfine sugar meets the highest quality specifications, which means it has at least 99.8% sucrose and is the whitest of sugars.



    Azúcar Incauca Extrafina - Bag 0.5 Kg


    Azúcar Incauca Extrafina - Bag 1 Kg


    Azúcar Incauca Extrafina - Bag 2.5 Kg


    Azúcar Incauca Extrafina - Envelope


    Azúcar Incauca Extrafina - Tubipak


Product Presentation
Azúcar Incauca Extrafina Bag 0.5 Kg
Bag 1 Kg
Bag 2.5 Kg
Bag of 200 polypropylene 5 g Tubipak
Bag of 200 5 g paper Tubipak
Bag of 200 envelopes of paper 5 g