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Management Systems and Certifications

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Quality and Safety

“We guarantee high quality and safe products”


sistema de calidad e inocuidad

Our System


It is the first Management System implemented in the Company and its features has become the basis for the management assurance scheme, promoting topics such as Documentation, internal audits, taking action and process approach.


Initially the scope of the System comprised only the quality aspects and therefore, its sole purpose was to ensure customer satisfaction and seeking as far as possible to exceed their expectations, but in 2014 this purpose was expanded by integrating the aspect of safety for processes related to food processing.


Quality and Safety Certifications



Quality Seals granted by the Icontec


Environmental Management

“We care and preserve the environment”




Our System

Incauca SA has an Environmental Management System based on:


  • Environmental education
  • Improvement and environmental control of processes
  • Compliance with environmental legislation


It is also an actor of the agreement conclusion for clean production of the sugar industry since 1996, in order to coordinate actions to control pollution and the adoption of sustainable production methods.


Environmental Management Certification


Security and Health at Work

“We are committed to your safety”


Sistema de gestión en seguridad y salud en el trabajo

Our System


Its main objective is to ensure the safety and health of people related to the Company and all those who somehow can be affected by its activities, based on control of the risks to which they are exposed.


Security and Health at Work Certification


Control and Security Management

Our System


Its purpose is the establishment and development of preventive actions in order to prevent unlawful acts related to the business activities of the Company and that may affect its products, name and image. Among the main acts to prevent are smuggling, drug trafficking and terrorism.


Sistema de gestión en control y seguridad


Control and Security Management Certification


According to BASC version 4: 2012 standards and regulations for the exporter activity.

Competency of Laboratories

“We provide reliable results”


Our System


It applies on the activities performed by the laboratory for testing ethanol, which provides technical support to the Distilling process. Its objectives are:


  • Meeting the needs of our customers related to analysis services offered.
  • To maintain and improve the competency of personnel involved in the provision of analysis services.


Competency of Laboratories Accreditation 



In compliance with Resolution 126 issued on September 11th, 2017 by the Commision of Energy and Gas Regulation (CREG) of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), the test results of quality standards for Denaturated Fuel Anhydrous Ethanol are reported herein: Results