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  • 1963
    • Ingenio del Cauca S.A.S., was founded on July 29, 1963 and is the largest mill in Colombia.


    • It is located in El Ortigal, Cauca Department, 50 Km from Cali and 134 from Popayan, capital of Cauca.


    • It influences 7 municipalities of the Cauca department (Santander de Quilichao, Villa Rica, Puerto Tejada, Padilla, Caloto, Corinto and Miranda) and 6 municipalities in the southern department of Valle del Cauca (Cali, Jamundi, Palmira, Pradera, Florida and Candelaria).


  • 1980

    Since May 1st, 1980, it is part of the Ardila Lülle Organization

  • 1982
    • Since 1982 it ranks first in milling sugarcane in Colombia.


    • As of December 2015, it had 44,900 gross hectares planted in sugarcane, being 76% land of third parties, which belong to 878 suppliers.


    • It has an installed capacity of 17,000 tons of sugarcane per day.


    • It elaborates white sugar, superfine / refined, brown, half calories, 75% fewer calories and zero-calorie natural sweetener. In addition to this, it produces fuel alcohol, electricity and compost.


  • 1992

    In June 1992, The Colombian Institute of Technical Standards, ICONTEC, granted Incauca S.A.S. seals of confomity to all its products and in June 1997 it presented the Certificate of Quality Management, for meeting all the strict requirements o the NTC-ISO 9001 Standard.

  • 1996
    • On November 16, 1996, it put into operation the most modern Refinery with a daily output of 600 tons, which was extended to 900 tons in 1999.


    • In October 1996, it began to add added value to sugar and from that date it offers different options for sweetening, from 100% calories sugar, medium calories, to zero calories.


    • It has the country’s largest organic fertilizer processing plant with a capacity of an average monthly production of 8,600 tons.
  • 1997

    Since 1997 Incauca became the first private co-generator to supply electricity to the National Grid, with the sale of 10 MW/h. Currently, Incauca has an installed capacity of 70 MW, generating an average 33 MWh of which 10MWh are sold to the public grid.


  • 2003

    In 2003 it received the ISO 14001 certification for its environmental performance, which has been renewed three times.

  • 2005

    In 2005 it put into operation a fuel alcohol plant, with capacity to produce 300.000 liters per day. Its installed capacity was expanded in 2013, to 350.000 liters per day.

  • 2006

    In 2006 it became the first mill to receive the OHSAS 18001 certification for its performance in Safety and Health at Work.

  • 2007

    Since 2007, it received certification from the Control and Security Management System, endorsed by the BASC world organization

  • 2008

    In 2008 it expanded its business abroad by acquiring a majority stake of Ingenio Presidente Benito Juarez, in the state of Tabasco, Mexico


  • 2012

    In 2012 it acquired a majority stake of Sucroal SA, a company that adds value to sugar by biological processes in the field of sucrochemistry

  • 2013

    In 2013 it reached 1,100 tons of refined sugar production.

  • 2015

    Our annual production records:


    • Production of anhydrous alcohol from molasses: 115,191,625 liters in 2015


    • Power generation: 258.733 MWh in 2015