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Dulce de Ajonjolí

It is sesame seed sweet, whose ingredients are sugar, glucose and sesame seeds.


Benefits of sesame seeds


  • Delicious energy source
  • It contains a large percentage of vitamin B and 55% of unsaturated fats, ie, “good” fats.


It is a source of various minerals such as iron and calcium.


  • 3420-AJONJOLI-X-150G_X_30_UN

    Caramelos de Ajonjolí - Bag 30 units -150 g

  • 3421-AJONJOLI-X-250G-X-50-UN

    Caramelos de Ajonjolí - Bag 50 units -250 g


Product Presentation
Caramelos de Ajonjolí

Bag of 30 units -150 g

Bag of 50 units – 250 g