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Azúcar Incauca Light

The sugar used in Incauca Light is Incauca Superfine sugar, which meets the highest quality specifications and its softness places it as the most palatable to consumers.


Incauca Light consists of sucrose, which is extracted from sugar cane and a natural sweetener: stevia. Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni, is an herbaceous plant native to the Sierra Amambai, on the border of Brazil and Paraguay, and has 250 or 300 times the a sweetening capacity of sugar.
By mixing sucrose and stevia we obtain a perfect synergy, this makes it possible to use only one half (or less) of the amount of normal sugar, contributing less calories to the body.





  • One teaspoon of Incauca Light sugar has the same sweetening capacity than two teaspoons of regular sugar.
  • Incauca Light enhances the natural flavor of food and drinks without leaving residual flavor.
  • It helps control weight when it is part of a low calorie diet.
  • Ideal for cooking and baking the best family recipes.




  • 1713-azucar-Incauca-Light-454g

    Azúcar Incauca Light - Bag 454 g

  • 822-azucar-Incauca-Light-850g

    Azúcar Incauca Light - Bag 850 g

  • incauca-light-tetrapak-850g

    Azúcar Incauca Light - Box Tetrarex 850 g

  • incauca-light-100-tubipacks

    Azúcar Incauca Light - Display 100 Tubipak – 250 g



Product Presentation
Azúcar Incauca Light

Bag 454 g

Bag 850 g

850 g Tetrarex box
Display 100 Tubipak – 250 g