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    Incauca School students

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    Incauca Educa students

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    Incauca School students

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    Incauca Educa students

50 Years of the Incauca School

The Incauca S.A. School began work on January 11, 1965. It offers preschool and basic primary education, oriented to processes of artistic formation, culture, sports, ecology, finance and writing and reading skills to contribute to the cognitive, personal and spiritual development of students.

Estudiantes Escuela Incauca

Currently, it educates 153 children each year; it has a special classroom equipped with computers for students to start using new technologies. Through this project the children living in the influence area have the opportunity to study from kindergarten to fifth grade primary.

On Saturdays, the school serves as a stage of study for 120 workers who have not completed their primary basic education or high school and for workers to carry out their studies with the SENA. In this way, the school has worked to bring quality education to the nearest populations free of charge and with social sense.

Incauca Educates

Incauca educates is a program through which the Mill offers the opportunity for young people living in its area of influence, to continue their higher education and achieve a more hopeful future. To achieve this, Incauca assumes college costs and gives beneficiaries a maintenance fee designed to cover the travel expenses, thus preventing student’s dropout.

Estudiantes Incauca Educa

The beneficiaries are residents of the area of influence: Miranda, Corinto, Padilla, Villa Rica and Puerto Tejada.

On October 16, 2015, nine of the 18 beneficiaries of the project, received the degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente (Autonomous University of the West), with an investment of over COP$ 120 million. The remaining will graduate in 2016.