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Other Activities of help the Community

  • Otros_2

    Inhabitants of Ciudad del Sur neighborhood, Puerto Tejada

  • jugadores_futbol_corregimiento_San_Andres

    San Andres soccer players

  • Puerto_Tejada_al_Son_de_la_Paz

    Puerto Tejada al Son de la Paz

“Puerto Tejada Al Son de Paz”

With the delivery of four trumpets and three trombones, investment that exceeded two million pesos, Incauca was linked to the II Festival of marching bands, “Puerto Tejada Al Son de Paz” event that was attended by 2,365 musicians of 28 delegations from different Municipalities of the Country.

Puerto tejada al son de paz

This space, gave the community of Puerto Tejada an opportunity for young people from different localities that participated in the event, to show that Puerto Tejada is a Municipality of Peace.

International Festival Colombia Dances

For the third consecutive year Incauca sponsored the International Festival Colombia Dances, held in the Municipality of Florida and that since 2013 was declared by the National Government Cultural, Artistic and Folk Heritage of the Nation.

The 13th version of the Festival was held this year, an event that was attended by over 18 delegations of artists from different regions of the country and the world, including Mexico, Ukraine and Argentina.

Microsoccer and foosball in San Andrés

150 children of the soccer school of the village of San Andrés, led by Mr. Luis Vasquez Lerma, already have the goals to practice their sport.

Fútbol y futbolito San Andrés

For over 5 years, children had to anchor sticks to define the goals, however, this did not hinder them from continueing practicing their favorite sport.

Green areas of Barrio Ciudad del Sur – Puerto Tejada

More than 300 families in the Ciudad del Sur neighborhood, located in the Puerto Tejada – Cali route, can enjoy the green area, thanks to the contribution of 10 benches for these areas.

Zonas verdes del barrio ciudad del sur

This was a felt need of the local people, since their participation in sporting and cultural events, was limited by the lack of benches to comfortably enjoy the activities.

Support for the adequacy of roads and grounds

More than 80 million pesos have been invested this year in the adequacy of roads and sports venues for communities in the area of influence, which has allowed these spaces to have better a use and exploitation in different the populations.