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Fruss fruit bars

Fruss fruit bars

In recent years, Incauca has focused on the development of its healthy living and wellness business with its brands. In its goal of providing more welfare to the Colombian people, it launches its new brand Fruss that has the responsibility of being in the snacks category, the natural choice to nourish with the good staff.


Product description:


We developed a natural fruit-based bar, no preservatives and a good source of Calcium so that people have the option of a good and nutritious  snack at any time of the day.


It comes in three varieties: Mango, Blackberry and Lulo.



  • It Contains natural fruit.
  • No preservatives
  • Good source of calcium (10% of the recommended daily intake).
  • Practice presentation to take everywhere.
  • Suitable for children and adults consumption.
  • The ideal portion of 110 calories per unit.



  • Display-fruss-barras-de-fruta

    Display surtido por 9 unidades

  • barras-mora-fruss

    Barra de mora por 27 g

  • barras-mango-fruss

    Barra de mango por 27 g

  • barras-lulo-fruss

    Barra de lulo por 27 g



Producto Presentación




Fruss fruit bar

Fruit bars x 9 units of 27 g
Display mix (Blackberry, Mango and Lulo)
 Blacberry bars x 27 g
 Mango bars x 27 g
 Lulo Bars x 27 g